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Welcome to Good Food, Going Green, and Everything In Between where you can try out a recipe, make a new craft, or get a gardening or composting tip. Enjoy, and remember to keep living the green life!

Living a green, sustainable life doesn't have to be difficult. Through gardening, composting, urban homesteading, and more, we can all do our part to make tomorrow a greener tomorrow. It doesn't matter whether you live in the city or in the country. Through the recipes, crafts, gardening tips, and other green information on this site, we can all live a sustainable and enjoyable life.

Spring Salad 17 April, 2012
As the weather gets warmer, I've been increasingly in the mood for some lighter meal options. I whipped up this recipe a few nights ago when my husband and I got home super hungry and I was too tired to make anything very complicated. It's a simple recipe with a delicious dressing that I'm sure you'll love.
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Better Gas Mileage 11 April, 2012
Gas prices came down a few cents per gallon, but they're still much steeper than they were when I first started driving. Buying an electric car isn't an option at the moment, so conserving fuel and getting better gas mileage are high on my priority list. Read on for ways to save at the pump.
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Banana Chocolate Chip Bread 10 April, 2012
Part of being green is reducing waste and making the best use possible of everything we consume. What better way to use brown bananas that seem past their prime than making banana bread? The peels also make excellent additions to your compost bin, and of course, the bread is delicious!
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Fuel-Efficient Cars 9 April, 2012
It's sad when a gas price just under $4 per gallon seems like a great deal, but here in Chicago, I have to search to pay less than $4.79 a gallon for regular unleaded. It seems like a great time to find a fuel-efficient car, but with all the hybrids and economy cars on the market, how can I know which is best?
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